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Accounting and information technology for a changing world.

Corporations & Private Clients

Stock Trading

  • Financial Statements

    • Audit engagements

    • Review engagements

    • Notices to Reader engagements

  • Transaction advisory services (i.e. buy / sell transaction services)

  • Tax planning valuation services

  • Corporate re-organizations, succession planning, and restructuring involving trusts, partnerships, foundations, and corporations

  • Review and execution of tax effective owner / manager compensation strategies

  • Estate planning and execution

  • General income tax service including:

    • Compliance services for individuals (T1), corporations (T2), trusts (T3), partnerships (T5013), etc.;

    • reviewing  eligibility for government assistance programs under the Income Tax Act and related legislation; 

  • GST/HST advisory services 

  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credits (SR&ED)

  • Cash flow planning and financing review assistance

  • Accounting Software:

    • Advice/Planning

    • Implementation

    • Execution

    • Training

  • Recordkeeping services specifically for high net worth individuals and investment holding companies

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Corporations & Private Clients

Not-for-Profits, Charities, and Special-Purpose Entities

Investment Banking

  • Assurance engagements (audits and reviews)

  • Special program and funding audits

  • Government funding and compliance reports

  • Presentations to audit/finance committees/councils

  • Income Tax compliance services including preparation of returns (T1044, T3010, T2, etc.)

  • Property Tax rebate recovery 

  • HST rebate recovery

  • Cash flow projections and analysis

  • Board Governance planning and best practices

  • Internal Control assessment and review

Not-for-Profits, Charities, and Special-Purpose Entities

Wealth Preservation

  • Collaboration with investment advisors

  • Accounting and taxation advice for investment options

  • Diverse income accounting

  • Taxation 

  • Investment software

Analyzing Graphs
Wealth Preservation


  • Tax compliance

  • Tax minimization and deferral

  • Remuneration options to maximize savings and deferrals

  • Business acquisitions

  • Tax perspective on share and asset management

  • Succession planning 

  • Commodity taxation

  • Rebates

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